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The facebook creep in me.

The first blog post can seem rather intimidating. When I decided to start this blog I didn’t really know what I would write about. All I knew, and still know, is that I have a LOT to say. So much that I rarely express it all. I don’t really know if anyone will read this or care to hear me ramble about nonsense. But if you are reading this, please ignore all grammatical errors. I am sure that even in the past five sentences I have surely made upward of seventy-four mistakes. But please remember that I am not a journalist. I am simply a person with a lot of shit to say. So….let’s begin. I have decided while typing that my first topic is going to be “Facebook creeping.”

Facebook creeping: the act of viewing someone’s Facebook page in a constant and creepy manner.

If stalking someone on Facebook was illegal, I would have a warrant out for my arrest. While I never ACTUALLY stalked someone, that I will admit, I have however watched someones Facebook page to find out information. If you are reading this right now and judging me, take a look in the mirror. I would bet money that almost every one of my friends on Facebook has “creeped” someone’s page and/or pictures. If you don’t then why do you have Facebook?! If a friend on my Facebook has a picture of them doing something crazy…I want to see it! I might have never met you, but I still want to see what crazy shit you do! This brings me to the REALLY creepy side of “Facebook creeping”, I have friends on my Facebook that I don’t even know. I have random people add me everyday and somehow I feel inclined to look through all of their profile pictures. It’s an issue. Thank the lord people can’t see who looks at their page/photos. When they establish “Facebook creeping” as an addiction, I will get help. But until then, don’t add me unless you want me wondering why you wear UGG boots in the summer.



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  1. Your mother ;) ⋅

    *that you will admit*

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