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That ONE crazy, bitch friend

Everyone has that ONE friend. That friend who makes you look sane. The one that makes you think “Damn, I guess I kinda am mature compared to her/him.”

For me, that friend is Camille. Everything I am about to write is true. Sadly nothing is exaggerated.

I met Camille during my second year at Show Choir Camps of America. I was placed in a group and luckily I got one filled with insane people and the leader of the crack heads was  Camille Walter. Camille made it very clear that she was at camp to party and meet boys, not to learn how to dance or sing. It may seem like I am picking on her but I am stating facts. This bitch is NUTTY. For example, if you ever ask Camille to take a picture for you, she will act VERY generous and reply quickly with a “SURE SURE!! OF COURSE!” ….Don’t buy it. As soon as she gets her manicured nails on that camera, good luck. She immediately will turn the camera towards herself and proceed to take around seventy-four pictures of herself. You don’t get the camera back before she feels she has filled your camera with enough pictures of her and her “pouty” lips. This is exactly the reason why during my whole week at SCA, I came back with 14 pictures and 6 of them were of Camille only.

Camille is one of the most confident people I have ever met. She isn’t afraid to be herself EVER. Sometimes this leads to hilarity and sometimes this leads to me walking away like I had never met her. One example of this is when we signed up for a class to work with some vocal coach that worked out of Chicago. Camille, my friend Emily, and I sat in this room full of probably 30 kids and listened to this guy ramble about vocal technique and drinking lots of water. I agree that this guy was freakin’ boring but I sat there and looked interested. Meanwhile, I turn around to look at Camille. She is sitting next to me with her cell phone out taking pictures of herself. Literally fifty pictures of herself at different angles and with contrasting facial expressions. I couldn’t hold the laughter in. She was sitting in a classroom having a self photo shoot with herself while a professional voice coach was telling us about sustaining notes. Who does this?!? Camille Walter does.

Another past time of Camille’s is looking at herself in a mirror. Actually, any reflective surface. If she walks by a window, you bet your ass she is going to check herself out before she passes it. One time I literally watched her stare at a Millikin window for approximately 3 minutes.

All of these characteristics make me love Camille but my favorite part about her has to be her weave. I feel as if I am more friends with Camille’s weave than I am with Camille. I was constantly sticking her extensions back underneath her actual hair for a week. She needed to train that hair like a dog! Every five minutes one would fall out and I don’t mean just wiggle loose, I mean fall to the GROUND. Then she would simply pick it back up and stick it right back in. I would have thought that her tracks would have been for secured. I sat outside Camille’s dorm for what seemed like hours waiting for her to make sure her weave was even on all sides. But yet, every night I would end up tagging along Camille waiting for one of her four extensions to fall to the ground. Even when they didn’t fall out, they were ALWAYS at different lengths. There was always one lonely extension that seemed to be crawling out of her head gasping for hair. Just about the time that it would escape, Camille would grab it and shove it right back in.

Again, none of this is made up. I have evidence to prove it:

This is Camille’s weave falling out of her head as usual. Why she found it necessary to put her tracks in before we went to go learn choreography, I will never know. But I love her and she makes me look like one put together bitch. You always be my Camille-Toe.


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