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Hi, I’m Zac, would you like to grind?

I am finally back home and ready to start typing away again. This past week I was attending Show Choir Camps of America. Overall, the experience was pretty good but I missed home and strangely missed writing this blog.

One of the good things that came out of SCA was that it gave me tons of new topics to write about. When you are put in a camp with seven-hundred artistic, crazy individuals, there is bound to be some crazy shit that goes down. Because I have stories about certain individuals, I decided to break them up. Instead of writing one long blog about Show Choir Camp, I am going to write about one or a couple topics a day for the next week. By Friday you will be well educated in the show choir camping experience.

The first thing I would like to address about SCA has to be grinding. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, there are dances held to try to get the campers to mingle and become closer friends. I don’t know if these dances made people better friends, but I do know that people were close to each other. “Close” is probably too vague. People were ON TOP of other people.

This was my third year at camp, so I knew what to expect. But every year I think to myself, as I watch a couple hump each other to the song Poker Face, “These people are mainly AMAZING dancers, they have taken classes for years, and they choose to penetrate someone to music instead of dance to it.”

Grinding is almost a sport. You have to be pretty in shape to swivel your hips into someones crotch for three or more hours. So, I choose to watch this activity as if I WAS watching a sport. I sat back with my two dollar Mountain Dew and witnessed this sexual event. Here are some of the things that I observed:

  • The main goal for the girl in this situation is to either leave nail marks on her thighs or leave handprints on the floor.


  • There are two types of grinding. The first, is some sort of pelvic thrust put into a circular or “swivel” motion. The second, is simply thrusting or humping. The first one obviously looks a  little better, but both get the job done….I guess.


  • I have noticed that the guy looks a little awkward when trying to find somewhere to put his hands. They try a couple methods when looking for their favorite position. They can either put their hands on the girls hips or just put them in the air. Then it seems like they can’t decide whether they should sway their hands to the music or fist pump like a “man.”


  • Lastly, I witnessed a couple trying to get creative. Grinding is disgusting enough without trying to add your own little “twist” on it. This girl turned around and tried to grind with the guy and her FACING EACH OTHER! She quickly realized that this was just penetration put to music and turned around. Nice try.




One response to “Hi, I’m Zac, would you like to grind?

  1. Candy ⋅

    HAHAHA! I can’t wait for more. I found myself fist pumping after reading a certain paragraph of this. Too funny. I love you

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