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A girl with an odd obsession

In order to fully describe my SCA experience, I have to stop and describe the eclectic mix of people that inhabit Show Choir Camps of America. There is something about combining a group of singers who sing CONSTANTLY, with dancers who think they are Michael Jackson, that creates a very odd atmosphere.  These are not “normal” people and they don’t have “normal” personalities. To put it frankly, these people are flippin’ nutty.

Everything from their social skills to their outfits are strange. Believe me, I am all for an odd group of characters, but these are TOO odd freakin’ characters and sometimes I found it difficult to interact with some of them. For example, when it comes to wardrobe, I find it very hard to watch someone look like a mess and sadly, this happened EVERY DAY as I walked into rehearsal.

I love a well dressed and well put together person, but I love a mess even more. There is nothing more entertaining than sitting back and  watching a wreck of a woman who THINKS she looks good. Every morning I sat back and watched around forty messy people walk into our rehearsal space. My favorite out of these group of disasters has to be the girl who wore crazy socks and Disney shirts EVERY SINGLE DAY to rehearsal.

I watched this chick intently and observed like a little kid at the zoo. In the mornings, she would walk into our rehearsal and I would make a mental note of what she was wearing and sadly I will never forget some of the things that I witnessed her wear. The shirts were ALWAYS Disney. They always consisted of some sort of Disney character like Mickey Mouse or Alice in Wonderland. The socks were the sad part. Both socks were knee high and neither matched. The theme of these socks was probably the greatest part. Whales, ladybugs, and peace signs….there was no cutsie topic that this girl didn’t have socks for. I am definitely not a dancer, but if I had to guess, I would have to say that a tank top with the Little Mermaid and a pair of Tootsie Roll socks is not proper dancing attire.  



One response to “A girl with an odd obsession

  1. candy ⋅

    The gnomes were my FAVORITE! P. S. Look at her prom pics, they’re actually very pretty

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