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That one annoying, crying friend.

Everyone has that friend, that one girl who is always dating a super douche bag and constantly complains about it. If your group of friends consists of more than four people, this person is in there somewhere. This person is usually a constant annoyance to the group due to various reasons. All relationships have their ups and downs but this relationship is always too dramatic for the rest of the group to handle. Friends can only sit through so many “pity parties” before they get tired of telling her that her boyfriend is simply a douche.

Three-hour cry sessions change nothing for this girl. In the end, she will go back to the douche and just cry again next week when he still hasn’t changed. This is what infuriates the friends. Friends are there to give advice and it gets awfully annoying when your repeat the same advice every week after they don’t take it. Dump the asshole.

They refuse to believe that their partners are just assholes and try to make up reasons why he constantly treats her the way he does. Maybe she doesn’t show enough cleavage or maybe her friends are too rude, NO, he is just a doucher. Why is she so obviously blind? Does she not realize that she looks like an idiot when everyone but her can see that she is being used? Here are some warning signs of douchey boyfriend behavior, if you see any of these signs in you or your friends partners, RUN.

  • If your boyfriend constantly ditches you to hang out with his “bros.”
  • When he decides that “‘whoopin’ the gym” is more important than spending time with you.
  • If he ever uses a phrase that is even similar to the next sentence, jump off of that sinking ship while you still can. “I think that we should have sex to further our relationship.” This sentence says that he is tired of dry humping your leg, not that he is husband material.
  • If he ever says that your friends are annoying and that you should hang out with them less.
  • If your boyfriend’s attire consists of Nike flip flops, Nike knee-high socks, Nike practice shorts, and a Michael Jordan cut-off.
  • If anyone has ever told you that your boyfriend reminds them of a Jersey Shore cast member.
  • When he frequents a tanning bed more than he frequents yours.
  • If he likes to blast heavy rap with all four windows rolled down.
  • If he ever wants to go on the Real World.
  • If he moisturizes his skin more than you do.

Most friends find it hard to tell their besties that their boyfriend is a jerk, but it is our job. If the friend still refuses to believe it, show them this list. If this list doesn’t show them that they are dating a douche, they are a lost cause.




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