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The one with the “used to be friend”

Everyone has that one friend. The one you can’t help but hate a little. The one who you avoid eye contact with. The one who you wish bad things upon. Not incredibly terrible things like death…but semi-awful things like an std….one that goes away of course…but 0ne that burns…a LOT.

This friend used to be your bestie and now you can’t even stand the thought of them. The only reason you don’t want to make their life hell is because they have way to much shit on you. You used to tell them everything, which is something you obviously now regret. Sometimes they don’t even do anything. You wake up one morning and realize that you have hated them for the past three months and that you imagine them stepping on toothpicks as you sit across from them at lunch. The only thing you wish now is that they have no friends because they screwed you over. And even if they didn’t, you still wish it. We don’t need a reason to hate them, we just do.

The most annoying thing about the “used-to-be best friend” is their constant desire to STILL be your friend. How the hell do you tell that lonely little puppy that he can’t follow you home? Is it evil to suddenly drop a friend and feel nothing? I think NOT. People change and sometimes they change into douche bags. It’s a fact of life. So next time that “used-to-be best friend” texts you and wonders how you have been doing, text back with a lovely, “Great..hanging out with ALLLL my friends ;)”


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