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The one where I show you the deuces

After a long week of no blogging, I have finally found the time to sit down and type. I feel bad for all of you daily readers, but I have been one busy bitch. I just spent the last twenty-minutes writing a blog post about cheating on tests. After about three paragraphs, I realized that I didn’t like the topic and tried to decide what I wanted to talk about. Then I clicked on my “comments” button. Waiting for my approval was a comment that criticized my blog and said that I was a bad friend. This comment was signed “<3 Savannah.” I usually don’t use names in my blog because I prefer to make generalized statements instead of singling out one person. But, if you are proud enough to write and then sign a comment, you should be proud enough to be called out.

I don’t  know what it is about me that makes people think I care what they think. I don’t need advice from you and over two-hundred people view my blog a day. I attended a school of around thee-hundred students, I am pretty proud to have over half the school read it. I am obviously doing decently without “Savannah” messaging me and telling me that my blog is rude. If you don’t like how my blog is written, don’t read it. It is a pretty simple concept. I don’t beg anyone to read it and I especially don’t force people to go to my site. What you read is up to you and I personally don’t subject myself to things that I don’t enjoy.

If you feel the need to message me or comment about how you disagree with me, DON’T. It may sound rude to say, “I don’t care if you disagree with me.” but I don’t care if you disagree with me.

This blog is about my opinions, feelings, and personal life. It isn’t about how the reader feels. If you want your opinions typed out, start a blog. Please do not send me hate mail. I think I know who typed out this comment. It is probably some pathetic girl who thinks that some blog post was about her. But, sadly, this girl took a  little too much time flattering herself. My blog is about people in general. It isn’t meant to bring anyone down, it is meant to make people laugh.

Now that everyone knows the purpose of my blog, I can move on and write about more light-hearted subjects. Later I will write a post that will make you smile. But I am glad you all know that I am here to make you laugh and not here to think exactly like you do.


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