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The one with the summer nemesis

With school quickly approaching, I wanted to sit down and write a quick blog about EVERYONE’s least favorite thing about school: seeing people we try to avoid.

Summer is like a getaway. You no longer have to see annoying people, that you want to kill, on a daily basis. It isn’t the homework, tests, or teachers that we dread, it is our peers. Everyone has that one person, that person you hide from during the summer. It is a miracle if you get through the entire summer without seeing this bitch.

You hide between Wal-Mart aisles, sneak out of restaurants, and do everything in your power to completely avoid this nuisance. Something about seeing this person puts you in a bad mood, and even though you probably creep their ass on Facebook, seeing them in life makes you want to vom. I have come up with a few easy ways to avoid these type of people. Put the following into action once school starts and you will have  a better chance of not having to knock a betch out.

1. Switch your classes. On the first day of school, you will probably visit each of your classes and get to see which peers join you. If you happen to be unlucky and get put in a classroom with your annoying nemesis, go to your guidance counselor and complain. You obviously won’t be able to tell them the real reason you have to switch classes….but just pull something out of your “you-know-what” and lie. But remember, most of these counselors aren’t dumb. Make the story believable.

2. Gather your clique. If you HAVE to stay in a certain class period, attempt to get your friends to switch classes. It is much easier to deal with annoying people when you have a bestie to make fun of them with.

3. Cold shoulder. Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHAT THIS BITCH UP. If you get denied by someone you have been avoiding all summer, you are pretty much the one getting avoided. Just to keep it safe, stay far away.

I hope this quick little post helps you avoid your summer nemesis.


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