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So…..Screw Off.

With any significant other, there are certain things that become annoying and monotonous. Texting is one of those things. There comes a point where you feel like every topic has been beaten to death, every inside joke has been repeated too many times, and you’ve seen every angle of each other that sexting can provide. Texting each other is now work.

Once the first “Hey” is sent, you scramble to find something to talk about. The labyrinth begins. It is now a fight to find things to talk about. You send the obvious, “What’s up” and to that he replies, “Nothing.” What the hell is there to say to that? That is an obvious sign that he is too lazy to come up with a topic and that he doesn’t really care about the conversation. So you give up. You don’t reply. It’s over.

Then you get  a message saying, “So….”. That is a fighting word. If you are too lazy to come up with something to discuss, there shouldn’t be a discussion. He obviously wanted you to think of something before and you gave up. Now he is back, demanding it once again. The “so” message is a trap.

For me, “…” this means awkward silence. In life, whenever there is an awkward silence, I fill the void with something witty or comical. In texting, I say, “Screw off.” If I am face to face with a person, I am forced to speak. Over the phone, I have the freedom to choose to continue watching Hoarders and to not text you back.


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