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The Sorcerer’s iPod

It has become clear to me in the past few months, that the only reason I am not a hoarder, is because I lose everything I come into possession of. Literally everything I currently own or previously owned, has been lost during it’s time with me. There is practically no way to prevent this obvious character flaw. I have tried EVERYTHING.

I leave things in the same place every time, check that everything in my room is intact before I go to sleep, and constantly do the “phone, iPod check.” But, I still manage to lose everything I can get my well sanitized hands on. Luckily, everything that I had previously lost was easily replaced/found. I was never worried about keys, remotes, straighteners, or any other item available at target, until recently.

About a week ago, I realized that I had lost my iPod. This is a pretty normal occurrence. Once a week, usually Tuesday or Wednesday, I misplace my iPod. The solution to this is a simple one. My house holds three possible iPod hiding places: under/between the cushions of my couch, underneath the recliner in my living room, or in my underwear drawer where I usually toss it in a sleepy haze. My iPod always stays in these three places; this time it was different.

After the realization that I indeed misplaced my iPod, I did my regular routine of checking it’s three main vacation hang-outs. I searched underneath the cushions and only found three nickels and a flash drive. I then proceeded to the recliner where, while looking like Hulk Hogan, lifted the chair to reveal a truckers map…and no iPod. My last hope was waiting in my underwear drawer. I opened it (cautiously) and peered inside to find…..underwear. Other than the occasional lost sock, there wasn’t a sight of anything unusual. My stomach sank.

My iPod had hopped a train and I had gone through all stages of a loss, when my luck changed. While sitting in my grueling sixth hour study hall, I reached in my pocket expecting to get my phone. Once my hand had seized the item, I noticed that the shape and weight of this mystery item varied greatly to my phone. I pulled it out to reveal my long-lost ipod! My life had taken a turn for the better. I felt like Harry Potter when he realizes that the sorcerer’s stone has magically invaded his pocket. I had the power! The power of Pandora Radio!

I took my new finding home and sat down at my computer to do a quick Facebook creep…when I looked down to realize that my iPod was no longer sitting near my computer. It had disappeared. Where the hell did that slippery lil’ thing go?!

Voldemort has won this round. To this day, I still haven’t found my iPod. After doing my routine check for the hundredth time, it was never found in the dark crevices of my home. I wake up daily and mourn the loss of Pandora and her seamless way of mixing Adele with Lil’ Wayne.

Life good get better, but it certainly can’t get worse.


One response to “The Sorcerer’s iPod

  1. Mary Ethridge ⋅

    You are definetly related to your aunt Mary!! 🙂 I looose stuff 24/7 !!! Currently I have lost the memory card to my camera…..arrrggggg!!! 🙂

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