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A Punctuation Blog Post?

In all texting situations, there are many factors that come into play. Spelling, content, and the occasional wink are all important to the casual texter. But possibly the most important of all texting tools is punctuation.

Punctuation can make or break a text. For example, exclamation points are tricky. I personally have only been so excited that an exclamation point was needed a handful of times. I find exclamation points to be occasionally obnoxious. Here is an example:

“Getting in the shower.” turns into “Getting in the shower!”

What was is so exciting about that shower? Unless you are about to take a shower underneath a waterfall while seventeen dolphins swim around you and whistle “Hallelujah”, I don’t believe that an exclamation point is necessary.

While exclamation points are a tricky punctuation to master, the most awkward punctuation mark has to be the accidental question mark.

In most circumstances, a question mark is pretty black and white punctuation. Unlike the exclamation point, a question mark is only used in one type of sentence, a QUESTION. This being said, the question mark is practically deadly when used accidentally. Not only does a question mark make you sound unsure but it can also make you sound kinky.

For example,

A simple sentence like “I’m driving” turns into “I’m driving?”

That question mark makes it sound like you are practically mocking the other person. All sentences with a misplaced question mark automatically have the same effect as the word, “DUH.”

A text that says “I’m getting in the shower.” transforming into a sultry “I’m getting in the shower?’

It practically sounds inviting. Unless a picture of your genitals follows that texts, I advice that you check all punctuation before pressing send.


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