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A quickie……update.

So….guess who’s wi-fi is fixed!….that is right. THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG.

For the past month or so, the wi-fi at my house decided to become the anti-christ and turn off whenever it’s tiny, black, electronic heart decided. As you can imagine, this made it increasingly difficult to post a blog that usually takes me approximately thirty minutes. Within that thirty minutes of hell, my wi-fi would sporadically tell me that we no longer had internet around forty-seven times. Finally, we killed our wi-fi.

R.I.P you little bitch.

After a month of struggling to even creep Facebook or poke someone who apparently doesn’t want poked, the problem is resolved.

If you thought my pokes were harassing then, you better watch the f’ out!

Oh…and my blog will be updated more frequently. So if you decided to switch to another blog, it’s time to switch back!

This bitch is back.


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