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Yearbooks are for fatties…

In my yearbook class, (yes, there is actually a class to create a yearbook) I was recently assigned a research paper. What could possibly need researched to create a yearbook? Sadly, we all asked ourselves this very question as we diligently “googled” the words “yearbook research paper” into the search engine. Because of our incessant talking and “powWows”, our teacher decided to give us the topic of The History of the Yearbook to write a something-paged research paper on. The exact details of the assignment are mostly a blur due to the previously stated “powWows”…nevertheless, I sat down to attempt a masterpiece that would impress my demanding yearbook teacher.

This is one of our powWows in yearbook. That is me in the blue.

 After hours (minutes) of research, I have come to the simple conclusion that the yearbook doesn’t have a history.

Did no one record this history because no one cared? …you can reach your own conclusions.

So, here I sit…my word document is STILL blank, my research is still at a deadend, and my grade in the class is slowing creeping down the alphabet.

I tell you all of this not to humor you, but to beg of you to research this topic for me. How dedicated are the fans of Bowties&Booze? I guess we will see 😉


One response to “Yearbooks are for fatties…

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    It was the 3rd link to a simple Google search. But, if this doesn’t work, just bullshit some stuff and quote random numbers and letters). Works every time.

    You sir, are welcome.

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