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Happy 4-20!

While I have been super busy with things other than this blog, I decided that it was incredibly important to take time to celebrate every skate park dweller’s favorite holiday.

The 20th of April is not only reserved for Hitler’s B-day. Fortunately for every high school stoner, 4/20 has become a day to proudly say “Hey! You! Guess what! I smoke weed!”

If you wear a beanie and feel personally connected to Bob Marley, today is YOUR day. Screw administration. Proudly wear your Rastafarian regalia!

Walking into school today, the atmosphere was obviously altered. Smoke practically poured out of the halls of SHS. The eyes of about 35% of the student body were obviously modified to match their green, yellow, and black bracelets and their shirts that said things like, “Get Your Smokey On.” An SHS student literally wore this today:

Attending classes with students who had obviously taken the ten minutes before 8:15 to celebrate, was more than entertaining. Simply looking into the glazed eyes of some of my peers was enough to send them into fits of laughter. If drug dogs were set loose, they wouldn’t know where to start. Screw their cars, half of SHS would be worried about the dogs sniffing their lips. Luckily, our local police were probably still tired from their drunk driving presentation yesterday.

4/20 is a day for celebration and laughter. I commend those who were sober enough to remember the holiday, and then cool enough to forget the date (or even year) after lunch.

Disclaimer: None of my peers smoke marijuana and absolutely none of them would ever smoke weed during school.


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