A quickie……update.

So….guess who’s wi-fi is fixed!….that is right. THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG.

For the past month or so, the wi-fi at my house decided to become the anti-christ and turn off whenever it’s tiny, black, electronic heart decided. As you can imagine, this made it increasingly difficult to post a blog that usually takes me approximately thirty minutes. Within that thirty minutes of hell, my wi-fi would sporadically tell me that we no longer had internet around forty-seven times. Finally, we killed our wi-fi.

R.I.P you little bitch.

After a month of struggling to even creep Facebook or poke someone who apparently doesn’t want poked, the problem is resolved.

If you thought my pokes were harassing then, you better watch the f’ out!

Oh…and my blog will be updated more frequently. So if you decided to switch to another blog, it’s time to switch back!

This bitch is back.


A lil’ update for you B&B bitches

I just wanted to give a quick update on new changes coming to the Bowties&Booze blog. B&B now has a Facebook “like” page. So….go like it or get the hell out!

I have realized that there is a little lack of organization about my blog. I want a bit of structure so that readers know what to expect every week as you tune in. So….B&B has a new lineup of blog topics that will be regular every week. Here it is:

Monday: Random Blog Topic

Tuesday: Tipsy Tuesdays with Granny Peanut

(stories about my grandparents and their free spirits and touchy nerves)

Wednesday: Random Blog Topic

Thursday: Thirsty Thursdays with the Readers

(throughout the week I want all of YOU to email, Facebook message, or sext me topics. I want to know what you want me to talk about.)

Friday: F ‘ed up Facebook Fridays

(a day to bitch about the annoying and hilarious aspects of our favorite social network)

 I have come up with this schedule to ensure that you know what’s going down everyday. Of course there will still be the random days where you will have to log in to see what crazy-ass topics I am preaching about, but if you know that you love Granny Peanut, tune in Tuesday night. This is for you!

Thank you all for reading and come back tomorrow to see what I’m bitching about. I have a pretty good week planned already 😉